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[UK] Comrade Darko Mathers, Passed Away

darkoWe lost a friend. A brother who haven’t yet met with us, but his ideas, practices and dignity, cross over beyond all geographical and physical boundaries. Darko Mathers, a nihilist-anarchist comrade who active on Dark Matter Publication, and run the Prison Island UK webblog, has passed away too soon in the very young age (early twenties).

Darko, the stars tonight shines for you and Sebastian.


ASIMETRIS: Announcement Regarding Events in Koridallos Prison

asim1.jpgDear comrades abroad,

ASIMETRIS would like to announce as group, we will not and have no intend to publish anything regarding with recent events occurred inside Koridallos prison in our blog. Our stance are the same as we mentioned before in our very first communique when we re-start our contra-publication project. We choose not to translate or re-publish any texts about it. ASIMETRIS have no intend to add more to the confusion and bitterness. We wont spread confusion since we have no place to comment about it.

It is not about being neutral, but as part of our own editorial policies, our values as anarchists and we refuse to open any dialogue related to this case.

If any comrades have further questions, you can send us an email. Those who did not get any reply from ASIMETRIS, are not our comrades.

For Continuation of Urban Guerrilla
For Black International
For the Collapse of the World

[Greece] Update From Steki Nadir

steki-nadirwe received and transmit: update information from Greece

At the 6th of January the anti-terrorist unit announced that Christodoulos Xiros violated his 7th days of temporary permission leaving prison for a few days. He escaped and went underground for his freedom. Christodoulos Xiros is a member of the Marxist organization 17th November (an organization active for 27 years having claimed responsibility for 23 executions of cops, judges, journalists, politicians, American agents, dozens of explosions and attacks with rockets). Xiros has sentenced to six times lifelong plus 1000 years to prison.

The anti-terrorist unit had the journalists say that Christodoulos Xiros co-operate for his escape with the Imprisoned Members of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. They had specific references that Xiros has found shelter at a safe house of unarrested members of CCF.

In the context of the anti-terrorist propaganda of media has unleashed an attack against the Cell of Imprisoned Members of CCF.

Our comrades are presented at news and newspapers as the “leaders” of the prison who threaten and hit guards and other prisoners. Reporters used as an example, the beating of an “anarchist” prisoner (who slandered CCF on public) from the comrades of the conspiracy to establish the lie of the “mafia’s action” of the terrorists.

The same time after the meeting of the prime minister with the ministers of public order and justice, announced that there will be no furthermore temporary permissions so as to exit prison for a few days for “terrorists” who “don’t regret for their actions” and that the prison of Domokos will become a high security prison under the police control with special forces of police (EKAM). In Domokos will be transferred all the political prisoners accused of having participation in urban guerilla actions and other prisoners with long terms accused of organized crime.

Furthermore, some days before, the anti-terrorist unit called relatives of two comrades members of CCF so as to deposit what they may know about the escape of Christodoulos Xiros.

The comrades of CCF with an announcement (“What A Wonderful Day”) support Christodoulos Xiros choice and they express their solidarity writing “the era of the attack has just begun”.


P.S. The last days cops have raided so far at least 15 comrades’ houses in Thessaloniki. Most of the comrades were members of Anarchist Squat Nadir’s assembly.

ASIMETRIS Announcement Regarding “Paulina”

asim1.jpgOn January 23 , ASIMETRIS published a story about the death of anarchist comrade from Mexico named Maria Paulina Inefavel Lorandi. A questionable news, today.

ASIMETRIS translating the news from ACT FOR FREEDOM NOW, fully within the framework of dissemination of solidarity over the case of every anarchist in different geographical territories. It can’t be separated from the position of ASIMETRIS as counter-publication, where solidarity is an active action in different forms. Included duplication and diffusion of news from different corners of the earth. The news appeared in different of webblog and websites and translated into many languages​, for a message of solidarity.

Unfortunately, news of Paulina just a gossip on page of Facebook by a group called themselves Bloque Anarco Oriente (Eastern Anarchists Bloc). ASIMETRIS later discovered that some webblog who also publishing the news has removed their post, while publicizing the reasons behind it. Another factor is the fact that in various webblog of comrades from Mexico or South America, no one publishes news about Paulina. It strengthens ASIMETRIS reason to take a stand .

ASIMETRIS states have removed the news about Paulina, because ASIMETRIS do not want to make this webblog as part of gossip and fake issues. This webblog is catalyst towards chaos.