ASIMETRIS: Announcement Regarding Events in Koridallos Prison

asim1.jpgDear comrades abroad,

ASIMETRIS would like to announce as group, we will not and have no intend to publish anything regarding with recent events occurred inside Koridallos prison in our blog. Our stance are the same as we mentioned before in our very first communique when we re-start our contra-publication project. We choose not to translate or re-publish any texts about it. ASIMETRIS have no intend to add more to the confusion and bitterness. We wont spread confusion since we have no place to comment about it.

It is not about being neutral, but as part of our own editorial policies, our values as anarchists and we refuse to open any dialogue related to this case.

If any comrades have further questions, you can send us an email. Those who did not get any reply from ASIMETRIS, are not our comrades.

For Continuation of Urban Guerrilla
For Black International
For the Collapse of the World