ASIMETRIS Announcement Regarding “Paulina”

asim1.jpgOn January 23 , ASIMETRIS published a story about the death of anarchist comrade from Mexico named Maria Paulina Inefavel Lorandi. A questionable news, today.

ASIMETRIS translating the news from ACT FOR FREEDOM NOW, fully within the framework of dissemination of solidarity over the case of every anarchist in different geographical territories. It can’t be separated from the position of ASIMETRIS as counter-publication, where solidarity is an active action in different forms. Included duplication and diffusion of news from different corners of the earth. The news appeared in different of webblog and websites and translated into many languages​, for a message of solidarity.

Unfortunately, news of Paulina just a gossip on page of Facebook by a group called themselves Bloque Anarco Oriente (Eastern Anarchists Bloc). ASIMETRIS later discovered that some webblog who also publishing the news has removed their post, while publicizing the reasons behind it. Another factor is the fact that in various webblog of comrades from Mexico or South America, no one publishes news about Paulina. It strengthens ASIMETRIS reason to take a stand .

ASIMETRIS states have removed the news about Paulina, because ASIMETRIS do not want to make this webblog as part of gossip and fake issues. This webblog is catalyst towards chaos.