ASIMETRIS Back Online!!!

asimAfter a quite long habiatus period due to several things happened, now ASIMETRIS back online and ready to spread terror, hatred and disgust towards society and civilization, as well as spreading eternal fire of war against property and individuals (those who run and protect it) behind every domination and coercive structures who is an enemy to ASIMETRIS.

Our option to back online is to continue, our last post in our old blog [] which asserts about radicalization towards publication and content will be offered in this blog. That since today, ASIMETRIS declared itself separate from all forms of social movement (whatever form, the ideals and proximity issues and methods) and take the path to get involved in an international conspiracy promoting urban guerrilla within the framework of the Black International warfare. ASIMETRIS decided to be exclusive (by filing a strict editorial policy) and ignore everything that is considered on contrary or not in our conformity (regarding our principles and values). Principles and values carried out by ASIMETRIS are things that will be explained only to those who are in our subjective opinion considered as companerxs or comrades. Those who did not get any explanation from ASIMETRIS (though they self-declared anarchists, god, devil or radicals) means not a part of this vengeful project. At the same time it means that they are not and never again considered as a combatants of war for ASIMETRIS.

Since this post was published, ASIMETRIS has embarked on an intense campaign for the sake of expansion of informal guerrilla urban infrastructures with all its consequences. Realizing that the pigs as spies, police, military, social activists and moralists will be pointed out that this blog is a project of crime syndicate. Something that we will not deny or get answers from ASIMETRIS. Translation of materials or (later) analysis published in this blog, has nothing to do with some other reformers blogs such as HIDUP BIASA and DISACCORDS (since both of this blog is just ridiculous and disgusting reportage from the radicals -where ASIMETRIS are not part of it). Therefore, ASIMETRIS refused and stated that HIDUP BIASA and DISACCORDS are prohibited from taking some part or all of any posts published in this blog to be translated, or to be transformed into other formats. ASIMETRIS refuse to cooperate with the things which in our subjective assessment, an archaic legacy of the past in where the glorification and utopian ideas are continuously dressed up to made it looks like up to date.

ASIMETRIS is a war’s trumpet who blew itself with full of consciousness, provoking, raise conspiracy and spreading anger. This blog is not a news site where the ethics of journalism (which is also the enemy of us) gets a space with honor. There is no honor for it here, but continuation of disgust and tightness due to mass pacifism around ASIMETRIS.

For Continuation of Urban Guerrilla
For Black International
For the Collapse of the World

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